President Barack Obama says 1 is 2 Many

Journey of An Urban Mystic Blog by Shawna Marie @UMystic features President Barack Obama

There are plenty of reasons to love and appreciate the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Add to that list this video from the 1 is 2 Many Campaign! Did you see it? Go on ahead and watch it RIGHT NOW! And share it, too! Cuz this is one video I wanna see go viral! And I’ve NEVER said that before.

During the years that I worked on a national corporate grantmaking initiative to end violence against women and raise awareness about the needs and issues related to men’s violence against women, I knew that a profound change would occur one day. That change would be marked by a turning point, when men in mass would stand up and speak out about this issue. It’s the problem solver in me that wanted to move beyond only funding direct services for survivors. Perhaps risky at the time, I advocated for our program to support the first national A Call To Men Conference in New York including sponsorship for statewide domestic violence coalitions to attend the conference.

Back then you could literally count on your fingers the number of men who were passionately proactive in the movement to end violence against women. To see this video and campaign had me in tears. Words just cannot express the feelings that came over me when I saw this video. I remember when finding 1 man in a position of power or influence in an organization willing to speak up about violence against women was a major feat.

Kudos first and foremost go to all of the women who for years have worked tirelessly in this movement and continue to do so. It’s often thankless work that requires you to know in your heart that you are making a difference.  It was Vice President Joe  Biden who initially heard and responded to those relentless efforts of advocates working to raise awareness about the issues and needs of women who are battered by initiating the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which provides funds for organizations across the country. It’s been a long time coming… I’m just so grateful that all of these men, including our president, athletes and other public figures are standing up and speaking out.

Special mention and recognition go to the men who early on took a stand and began enlisting others: Ted Bunch, Byron Hurt, Jackson Katz, Tony Porter and Oliver J. Williams. To see the evolution of men in the movement reminds me how critically important it is for at least one soul to take a stand for change in full faith that one day their prayers and efforts will bear fruit in due season.