Welcome to life as I live it!

BLAZE is just one of my many nicknames! I have plenty of ’em! Goddess of the Sacred Fire, The Hotness, SexyRev (lol) and the Angel of Inspiration are my favorites. 🙂

At this point in my life I AM no longer tip-toeing around this amazing Divine Anointing that has been bestowed upon the dichotomy that is God as ME! I AM a lover of God, enlightenment, ancient wisdom, hip hop, music, the arts, skiing/snowboarding, fashion and life. On the official tip, I’m a writer, speaker, psychotherapist, ordained minister and the CEO of Healing Truth Center.  Most importantly, I’m on a mission to create opportunities where EVERYONE can be inspired, enhance their spiritual discovery process and heal ALL aspects of their lives.

This blog is where I share everything that a shyer version of myself would’ve kept to herself and unapologetically spit pure fiyah for, as and by God! Like I said, I’m on a mission! 😉 I also feature great books, events, projects as well as souls who are, in my eyes, modern day Miracle Makers.

If you like my blog, you’ll want to see what’s poppin over at HealingTruthCenter.com and join my email list.

Now, while my intuition is pretty tight, if you like what you see, say so!

If you’re inspired, let a girl know!

If you have questions, ask! Seriously, ask me anything. I will reply.



8 Comments on “About BLAZE”

  1. Tonya Freeman Brown says:

    Hey UMystic Blaze…..love it, and YOU! Keep setting yourself a blaze.

    • SHAWNA MARIE says:

      My beautiful SiStar Tonya… I love you, too! I will take your advice, and continue to count my blessings that I get to share this journey with you. *hugs*

  2. donna says:

    Your spirit had you out of the closet long before this! Thanks for taking the risk…Blessed Be

    • SHAWNA MARIE says:

      Donna!!! You came to visit the blog! Seeing your post brought a HUGE smile to my face and joy in my heart. Thank you for coming by…. Your radiant Light is hard to miss. Much love and blessings…

  3. I love the blog! Thanks for your dedication in sharing your path with us.

  4. Rev. Bobby says:

    I think I been burnt!!!

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