What? No show? What’s up?

Nope. No Living In Spiritual Perspective Show today. If you watch the show regularly, you’ll note something different about “7 Tips for A Super Successful Summer” now playing at HealingTruthCenter.com. Usually I mention in each show that it’s LIVE weekdays at 7AM Eastern AND that I’ll be back either tomorrow or Monday (for the Friday morning shows.) In “7 Tips for A Super Successful Summer” I did neither. Instead, I said, “I’ll see you next time.”

What did Shawna Marie do this morning instead? I worked out!!! After morning meditation and contemplation, I hopped down to the fitness center at Chey’s place and got my cardio on! (I’m at the Harlem Hideaway this morning cuz I went out last night, met Marcus Samuelsson and got a taste of Harlem nightlife.) Though those first 5 minutes of my workout required a couple of prayers, after that I was ROLLIN’. I was tempted to keep at it after the 20 minute program and cool down, too. I’m thinking about a gym membership and how cool it’ll be if I tighten up like the lady in the pic! But literally the second that my machine stopped, moms called to ask what was up with the show today. It was at that momment that I realized I probably didn’t clearly communicated to my Prayer Posse that I was taking a vacation from the show.

Afterall, not everyone scopes my facebook page to find out what’s going on with me. And surely everyone doesn’t read my blog posts all the way down the to P.S. section (see my  7 Tips for A Super Successful Summer post.) Perhaps if I wasn’t busting my tail at the clinic working truncated hours in order to accomodate Tmor’s comedy show on Tuesday and then two events in the city last night… I would’ve sent out clear notices, emails and tweets about my summer vacation from the show. There’s also the fact that there’s been no phone, internet or network capabilities at the clinic all week. FYI, that’s been VERY interesting in and of itself. Like, blog worthy.

I’m taking a little vacation from the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show. I’ve got some things to work on during MY 4th Quarter, including lots of daily acts of self-love. I’ll share more as things start to crystalize. Right now, though, I’m gonna keep quiet about what’s on deck this Summer. When the time is right, you can trust that I’ll share. Meanwhile, I’m wishing everyone a truly great day of love, peace, happiness, abundant good and fitness, too. #TeamFit 🙂