7 Tips for A Super Successful Summer

7 Steps for A Super Successful Summer

Being a Virgo with a September birthday, for me, the Summer is my personal 4th Quarter. It’s the time of year when I’m very mindful of how I’m BEing the fullness of success in each area of my life. I’m considering the intentions and goals I set for my new year last September. It’s also a great time to ramp up my inputs (how I feed my mind and soul) as well as my outputs (the efforts I make towards the fulfillment of my goals).

Plus, the Summer months of June, July and August in numerology vibrate with the energy of 6 (Success), 7 (Creation) and 8 (Prosperity).  Nice, right? Are you wondering what all of this has to do with YOU? Well, this Summer could be YOUR Super Successful Summer!

I’ve got 7 summer success tips to share with you…

1)      Make a conscious commitment to your success in ALL areas of your life! Like a marriage vow, make a covenant for success. Become wedded to the idea that success is the ONLY option!

2)      Activate your prayer power daily! Remind yourself daily of all that you are and are becoming. Rally your faith in that amazing Presence, Power and Wisdom most popularly known as God.

3)      Fast and eliminate the non-essentials! Time killers, mood drainers, energy zappers, drama, BS, fear, anxiety, stress and strain are just a few non-essentials that you can certainly do without. Anything and anyone that doesn’t add value to you and your life, including those lil things that you do and know good and well are sabotaging your success… let it go. Knock it off. Stop it!

4)      Set specific intentions and tasks that you’re gonna undertake THIS Summer… NOW! When you have crystal clear intentions, you can plan and prepare for their fulfillment. You’re conscious, open and ready to receive. You know what you want and you can go after it. You know who you are becoming and choose to BE it! Seriously, let your great expectations become your great experiences!

5)      Rally supportive others and resources. Consider the kinds of support and resources that can serve you right now. Is it financial capital, counsel, validation, accountability or something else? Remember, your support system can serve numerous purposes. Also, collectively we are always MUCH more powerful than we can ever be individually.

6)      Make self-care a priority! Self-care really is one of the great secrets to success. This includes meditation, study, rest, release and a host of other things. Check out my post “12 Daily Acts of Self-Love” for some ideas. Also, my book Only GOD has some wonderful prayers, contemplations and insights about life, healing and living in spiritual perspective. I’m also a huge advocate for spiritual education and psychotherapy. Why not go all out in nurturing yourself and your soul journey? Invest in your personal growth and healing!

7)      Go.Be.Do.  Take action… focused and effective action! Yes, you can do it! I believe in you! I also believe in the Presence, Power and Wisdom of God acting through you and for you. Well, go on ahead and BE about it!

Cheers to your super successful and soul satisfying summer! Do share your success stories, too. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Peace, Love and Blessings.

P.S.  Following the example of one of the great spiritual teachers and ministers, Emmet Fox, I’ll be taking a summer vacation from the Living In Spiritual Perspective Show. Do check out the “7 Tips for A Super Successful Summer” episode now playing  at HealingTruthCenter.com.  Go! Be! Do!