A Night of Comic Diversity

Going to Comic Diversity last night in the City was a GREAT idea! My lil cheeks are still hurting from all that laughing! Since I already did as much of a reprise of my favorite jokes as I could recall last night for one of my aces… I will not be posting any of the jokes on here. But, you’re all welcome to check out the Comic Diversity youtube channel and website to get your very own funny fix.

Meanwhile, with all this working I’ve been doing, going to Comic Diversity was a nice and timely healing experience for me. Oh yes! Laughter heals! Plus I got to see and support some great folks. I also got to link up with a wonderful woman who has inspired me AND has agreed to be interviewed for the blog! A revelation for me was how much I can do after work if I leave at 5pm instead of 9pm. There’s like all kinds of things I can get into! I went home to grab a jacket, drove to the city, found the perfect parking space, did my nails in the car (a gorgeous purple color, in case you’re curious), rode the subway downtown, casually walked across town to the comedy club, had dinner and great convo with Denise followed by a comedy show, all before 9:30 pm! Yep! I see a shift in my schedule coming real soon.

I’m going into the city again later this week to see some of my colleagues and super cool peeps over at the Mount Sinai AHC who I haven’t seen in forever. Also going out afterwards to another comedy event. Working late nights is cool, maybe 1 or even two days per week. But if getting to the clinic earlier translates into getting out of the clinic earlier, this gal is gonna be in, about it and then out. I keep hearing this phrase in my head as I’m typing this: In and out. This could be my new mantra for when I’m at the clinic. Cuz I’ve got other really good shit to do! Work, sure. I’m almost always working, especially when I come home from “work.” But this girl’s gotta have fun, too!

Do you like comedy and/or go out to live comedy events? Have you felt that there was healing in all of that laughter? What are some of the ways you balance working on achieving your career goals while having fun, too?