Hold The Vision

I most certainly appreciate the gift of vision. Beyond seeing with my physical eyes, seeing with my inner eye is just plain dope! Holy Spirit reveals wonderful visions spontaneously that have saved my life, inspired others and guided my steps. They’ve given me hope and direction, courage and faith, too.

If I only utilized my physical eyes to navigate this life of mine I’d be screwed. The fact of the matter is that my perception pales in comparison to the bigger vision of Creator/Holy Spirit. It’s just that simple. Besides, keeping my sights low ain’t changing or healing shit. Keeping my sights on High… now that’s transformational!

Last year I attended a minister’s conference and participated in a visioning exercise. Different from visualizing where you the individual and your ego construct an image to visualize, visioning is about allowing Holy Spirit within you to reveal an image to your inner eye. The image that came to me after a few moments of silent reflection and acknowledgement of God’s awesome power, wisdom and plan for me, was of me on television.

What do you think that I, Shawna Marie, did after receiving that vision? Who do you think I called to talk about it with? Did I announce it to anyone or tweet it up? Nope. None of the above. I kept silent. I gave thanks for the revelation and let it marinate in my consciousness. I sat with the idea and allowed my mental and emotional bodies to align with the vision. I also followed my inspiration to do a webcam video to share some thoughts that were on my mind when I got home and posted it on facebook.

Within a week I was contacted by a friend who’d seen the video on facebook and recommended me to a producer for a cable show and just like that I had my first live TV appearance. That was just the beginning. Did I then start masterminding how to get on TV or angling my industry connections to hook me up? Nope. I continued to pray for guidance on a daily basis for whatever I need to know or do, which is what I always do everyday. And step by step tasks were revealed to me.

I created additional videos as I was inspired. I set up an online channel to stream my videos. I then followed the inspiration to do LIVE shows on the web and I became even more active in a multimedia initiative with a producer whose project I find very inspiring. Most recently I was invited to share my testimony with another producer who I met at an event for that project. As I share all of this, you will note that I’m not mentioning any anxiety or fixation on my part about being on TV. Like I said before, I’ve been allowing the idea to settle into my consciousness and my mental and emotional bodies. Along the way, there have been natural unfoldments in that direction as I’ve held to the vision that was revealed to me.

That’s my message today BE~LOVED Ones. Let Holy Spirit reveal your steps, day by day, and the vision the Creator has for your life will indeed take form. Our job is to hold the vision that is revealed to us. Don’t talk about it, just be about it. A final word of advice today is, don’t choke the pipes! It’s all happening, right now, and worrying, getting anxious, masterminding… is missing the mark of the High Calling. (And you know this.) 😉


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