A GOOD Listener

A soul who is consciously on the spiritual path has to be a GOOD listener. If you’re a regular reader of mine then you already know that “GOOD” is code for “GOD.” A GOOD listener is commited to regular periods of silence to tune in and tune up to their Soul… Emanuel(le), GOD in man and woman. For it is there, in our secret closet, where God/Holy Spirit/Divinity speaks ever so clearly.

This morning’s revelation from my Soul were the words “let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters.” Holy Spirit speaks to me in Bible verses a lot. That’s probably because I’ve spent so much time in prayer, contemplation and study for greater understanding of this sacred text. This particular verse carries great meaning. It is a reminder to cultivate a strong mind, a rock solid conviction in God’s Will (GOOD) be done, in the midst of the emotions that may be surging and coming to surface right now. Powerful, right?

My message this morning is three-fold.

1. A GOOD listener is able to hear God in their soul and hence in others, too.

2. Let there be a firm conviction in your mind that God’s Will (GOOD) be done regardless of emotions that may be coming up for you.

3.The quality of your faith, your absolute rock solid conviction in the daily revelation of God as GOOD, will translate into the visible. Faith works dear hearts. Be sure to tune in and tune up to get YOUR daily directions from the Divine.

Love YOU!


(c) Copyright 2011 Shawna Marie. All rights reserved.