Finding My Level

As I look back at my life so far, it seems to be an ever-evolving process of finding my level.  You know how water always finds its level? It may surge or dip, but always at any given moment it finds its level. That’s pretty much how I see my life. There are circumstances that are truly beyond my control, processes taking place that are much bigger than me and require all of me to be present for the experience. There is always movement, too. Nothing ever stays exactly the same. And so I flow, just like water. I’m flexible. I show up in multiple forms and formats. I touch people, places and things along my way. Even in my stillness, I am constantly in motion.

I tend to look at life as a collection of aspects: mental, emotional, physical, relational, financial and spiritual. At the center is always the spiritual… God/Holy Spirit. Even my understanding of life in, as, for, with God is constantly evolving. There has yet to be the day when I’ve said, “I know everything there is to know about life and about God.” I mean, to keep it really real with you,  God is life and life is God, to me. Those two words are interchangeable. Just like love, wisdom, power, protection, strength, substance, supply, inspiration and energy… all of these words are interchangeable with the word “God” to me. I understand God to be everything, in all, as all, for all, and with all.

That’s the core of my understanding and hence my perspective about life. Everything is and is about aspects of God, forms of God. So this process of finding my level, is essentially living as my level of understanding of God as ME grows. That level of understanding permeates my health, my career, my relationships and my finances. Lately I’ve been reflecting a lot about healing. One of the readers was courageous enough to share that he’s experienced challenges as pertains to healing in the physical dimension. Yeah? Me, too. And so has every spiritual student, disciple, aspirant, Light worker and Master Teacher at some point on their journey. The good news is, we always find our level. Our ability to tap into the depths of the Divine and to reveal the Divinity within us as healers, as living beings, as expressions of God is constantly evolving. That evolution is ALWAYS for the greater good of ourselves and for EVERYONE in this entire world.

Instead of fighting the process or trying to control/mastermind this wonderful path of evolution, at this point in my life, I am enjoying it. I am flowing, like water, to my ever-evolving level of Godness… as liver and lover of life, as artist, as entrepreneur, as healer, as teacher, as minister, as woman, as ME.

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