The Taste of Freedom

Oh, I so love the taste of freedom! I can’t turn back now! I JUST CAN’T! Nope! And I won’t be turning back either! I’ve been pussy-footing around the idea of deading the Living In Spiritual Perspective blog.  Even right now as I am typing in real time with my thoughts… I wonder if it’s the right thing to do. Living in Spiritual Perspective is my very first blog ever and I’ve been writing on there since January of 2010. Looking back, there are some tremendously powerful and inspiring posts on that blog. Yes, I read and re-read those messages, too. One thing is for sure about that blog, it was as necessary to my evolution as it was inspiring to others.

I have always been a good writer, which I shared in “Born to Write.” When it came to blogging, back in 2010 I really had no idea what it was. I was already in the habit of sending inspirational messages by email to souls in my circle of friends and in my spiritual community. I’d sent emails for years until my cousin suggested that a blog would be a better way to get out the messages. At the time that I created the Living In Spiritual Perspective Blog I hadn’t even read one blog post. So as you can imagine, while I was writing that blog I was also learning. Meanwhile, I was also growing as a person, a teacher and a healer. Back then, I wouldn’t even have considered myself a “blogger” per ce and I definitely was not identifying myself as an entrepreneur, even though I’d made the decision to set up Healing Truth Center as a business instead of as a non-profit organization.

Initially when I was inspired to create the Journey of an Urban Mystic blog, this blog, I had not thought about retiring the Living In Spiritual Perspective blog. I simply followed my inspiration to freely express myself and share my world as I wrote “A New Beginning.” Yet right now, in this moment, I am fully focused on moving forward. I love the freedom that I have experienced so far and have no desire to turn back to the old blog. None whatsoever.  Honoring my promise to boldly love me and be me 1000% of the time, with no holdouts whatsoever… I AM ready to let it go. May the Living In Spiritual Perspective blog be what it may and do its perfect work for all of the souls that are drawn to it. Perhaps they will be drawn over here, too.



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