Why do I blog?

This morning I caught myself peaking over at the site statistics and subscriber numbers. Periodically I do check this information but this morning my self-talk kicked in. “What are you doing? Why are you checking that right now?” Continually evolving self-awarness is pretty high on my list of goals so I am not the one to run from inner dialogue. Besides, everything that I do has purpose, reason and effect. As I sat back to reflect I realized that I was over on the edge (about to fall right on off) of my Altar of Eternal Peace, seeking validation over on my site stats page.

I’ve only really looked at the site stats page when I was learning how to use the wordpress blogging platform. Then when I discontinued my email list I became curious as to how many of the souls on my email list had actually transferred over to the blog. Other than that, I sometimes glance at it when I first login to write a post, but not with any investment. I literally notice the bar graph on the side for 1 second (at best) before clicking on “New Post” and then I’m on to pouring my soul out into the blogosphere. This is why I can honestly say that the questions: What are you doing? and Why are you checking that right now? were valid questions to spark self-analysis.

I then asked myself, Why are you blogging? Because if it’s for validation, to prove something or to get something… I’m off of my mark. It means I’ve slipped right the eff off of my Altar of Eternal Peace where God reigns over every single aspect of my life and I AM free spirit, flawless, immortal and Divine. It means that I am seeking from without, instead of living from within. Plus, it’s a valid question. I SHOULD regularly ask myself why I do the things that I do!

Here’s what I came up with:

I blog because I absolutely love to write. I suspect that I was born to write and I believe that I am a vessel for the overall Divine Plan. Constantly ideas are flooding my mind, entire discourses are being downloaded from Holy Spirit. It’s actually very difficult for me to concentrate or complete other tasks when I’m receiving downloads all day and at night, too. It takes much more energy for me to focus on anything until I sit down to fully receive what’s being shared with me and then share it with others, regularly. As you can imagine, this makes for very interesting days and nights. Sometimes friends or coworkers are talking about this or that and I’m receiving a download. I’ll be in a meeting, supposed to be completing whatever task for work or in my bed fast asleep and then… INCOMING! Writing the downloads of information, revelation and inspiration… or allowing myself to share via videos, podcasts or speaking opens me up for Holy Spirit to pour even more, so the cycle continues. I literally have to consciously dedicate time for releasing what I receive in order to function. Plus, similar to how my very first psychotherapy client so eloquently stated… “Because then you could be a witness to my life… my real life.”


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4 Comments on “Why do I blog?”

  1. Before I started to blog I was interested in it, but had never really put forth a true effort..I thought to myself..yes, I can spend a precious hour or two of my time pouring out my hearts desires and the deepest thoughts that roll in with the tide on the shores of my mind..BUT who will I affect? A writer is always concerned about who thier words will reach..But, after spending some time considering the pros and cons of blogging, I came up this…I believe blogging is about expression..whether it’s random or with cause…for a writer it is the greatest form of release and even more of a pleasure because we get to do what I love most, and that’s convey thought and feeling and imagery through words…I love blogging because I can love it. There is a strength and courage that is given to someone who takes the time to share their life and experiences with all for purposes of growth, maturity and silent friendship..that’s it…bloggers are silent friends…and to use the gifts that God has given us to spread knowledge and togetherness is a blessing..

    Enjoy your walk in the Land of Blog…I’ll be reading and following…


    • SHAWNA MARIE says:

      BE~LOVED S, Reading your comment this morning… I AM beyond words. You have touched me deeply and so eloquently conveyed the spirit of blogging. Thank you Love for sharing this journey with me. With much Love, Light and respect, BLAZE

  2. Rev. Bobby says:

    It is why you live!