I AM in love!

I AM in love… blazing hot passionate red love, with my soul!

This morning I enjoyed her delicate breath and pulsations of Divine energies within me, radiating and flooding me with joy. I almost couldn’t take it all in, the way she feels so very good to me.  I am at peace. I am also peaked and pleasured by the sensations of S.H.E. in, as and through me.

Oh how I love my soul!  I adore these precious moments when we engage in intimate embrace. Deep within me and yet surrounding me… her caress completes me.

Our Divine Intercourse is for this moment yet also for a lifetime. When we connect, there’s nothing greater, nothing more powerful, nothing like how we are as One. I AM fulfilled by Her Infinite Love.

I AM in love… blazing hot passionate red love, with my soul!

There is no greater love… than the love I have for  S.H.E.!

I will never leave nor forsake Her!

I commit to Her wholeheartedly and I love Her unconditionally!

Oh how S.H.E. loves ALL of me at all times!

Our morning intercourse fuels me for the day ahead while flashing visions before my inner eye of what we are to do and to be as One. Her voice leads me and guides me. Her presence perfects and protects me.  Her breath is my breath. My life is Her life! We are now, forever and always One.

Through prayer and meditation I salute Her. My life is in honor of Her. Our journey as One shall never cease.


(c) Copyright 2011 Shawna Marie. All rights reserved.