Promotion with a Purpose

Journey of An Urban Mystic Blog by Shawna Marie: Buy Only God

Having the support of my family and friends, especially since venturing into this new phase of my career as an author, has been just priceless. Jumping on facebook a few moments ago I noticed that my mother tagged me in her status update where she’d posted a prayer from my book Only GodThe prayer is from a message that I’d written called Charge The Ethers.

“The very energy and substance around me is God. I have the ability to charge this energy, this Divine Substance with my thoughts and my emotions. I choose to charge all the energy within me with Light, radiating Light, pure Christ Light and pure Christ Love. I charge the very ethers around me with ideas of Good, Health, Love, Success and Prosperity. I charge and recharge myself daily with ideas of bountiful blessings, expansion, growth and the good of all. I charge and recharge myself with only that which is good, that which is true, that which is honest, that which is just, that which is pure, that which is lovely and that which is of good report.” 

It is a wonderful prayer, isn’t it? Seeing it on Mom’s facebook page and then reading it silently reminded me of what pushed me to publish Only God in the first place. Here I was receiving these wonderful prayers, ideas and revelations while on my very own path of spiritual discovery and healing and I just felt compelled to share. Initially I emailed the messages that came to me and watched that email list grow organically to over 300 people without me ever promoting it. But the readers of my emails asked me to publish the messages. Year after year I heard “when are you going to put your messages into a book?”

Now that Only God is finally done and available, I’m realizing that I HAVE to promote it, and with good reason. During the years that book was chilling in my laptop, a collection of messages with no structure or order, I had to read and re-read them until an order and structure evolved. Every time I read the messages I felt really good! No matter what was going on in my life or where I was mentally, emotionally or financially, I always felt even better and grounded reading those messages. It occurred to me that I was being selfish keeping them to myself. I started to think about how many souls would benefit from reading these messages! At a certain point I realized it was my duty to complete and distribute this book ASAP.

Whatever holdouts I’ve HAD about promoting it are superseded by the purpose I HAVE to promote it: This book will change people’s lives for the better! It’s inspiring. It’s empowering. It addresses one of the biggest lies I believe has ever been told about a presence or power for so-called “evil.” It provides an understanding about God as the one and only Presence, Power and Wisdom. It offers methods for prayer and meditation. It encourages spiritual freedom and individual spiritual pathways. It’s full of lots of great prayers and affirmations. It gives a context for the challenges that we may have to grow through in life, including the transitions of those we love. It reveals how a maga likkle black girl born of teen parents, who’s grown through PLENTY of S.H.I.T. (Spiritual Healing Illumination Tasks) came to know God for herself, be the vessel for these messages and embrace her path as a spiritual healer and teacher.

That being said, WHAT are you waiting for? Get this book NOW! Here’s the link to buy Only God: Trust, you want to read this book and keep it close by so you can refer to it often. I do. And, apparently my mom does, too. 🙂


President Barack Obama says 1 is 2 Many

Journey of An Urban Mystic Blog by Shawna Marie @UMystic features President Barack Obama

There are plenty of reasons to love and appreciate the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Add to that list this video from the 1 is 2 Many Campaign! Did you see it? Go on ahead and watch it RIGHT NOW! And share it, too! Cuz this is one video I wanna see go viral! And I’ve NEVER said that before.

During the years that I worked on a national corporate grantmaking initiative to end violence against women and raise awareness about the needs and issues related to men’s violence against women, I knew that a profound change would occur one day. That change would be marked by a turning point, when men in mass would stand up and speak out about this issue. It’s the problem solver in me that wanted to move beyond only funding direct services for survivors. Perhaps risky at the time, I advocated for our program to support the first national A Call To Men Conference in New York including sponsorship for statewide domestic violence coalitions to attend the conference.

Back then you could literally count on your fingers the number of men who were passionately proactive in the movement to end violence against women. To see this video and campaign had me in tears. Words just cannot express the feelings that came over me when I saw this video. I remember when finding 1 man in a position of power or influence in an organization willing to speak up about violence against women was a major feat.

Kudos first and foremost go to all of the women who for years have worked tirelessly in this movement and continue to do so. It’s often thankless work that requires you to know in your heart that you are making a difference.  It was Vice President Joe  Biden who initially heard and responded to those relentless efforts of advocates working to raise awareness about the issues and needs of women who are battered by initiating the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which provides funds for organizations across the country. It’s been a long time coming… I’m just so grateful that all of these men, including our president, athletes and other public figures are standing up and speaking out.

Special mention and recognition go to the men who early on took a stand and began enlisting others: Ted Bunch, Byron Hurt, Jackson Katz, Tony Porter and Oliver J. Williams. To see the evolution of men in the movement reminds me how critically important it is for at least one soul to take a stand for change in full faith that one day their prayers and efforts will bear fruit in due season.

What? No show? What’s up?

Nope. No Living In Spiritual Perspective Show today. If you watch the show regularly, you’ll note something different about “7 Tips for A Super Successful Summer” now playing at Usually I mention in each show that it’s LIVE weekdays at 7AM Eastern AND that I’ll be back either tomorrow or Monday (for the Friday morning shows.) In “7 Tips for A Super Successful Summer” I did neither. Instead, I said, “I’ll see you next time.”

What did Shawna Marie do this morning instead? I worked out!!! After morning meditation and contemplation, I hopped down to the fitness center at Chey’s place and got my cardio on! (I’m at the Harlem Hideaway this morning cuz I went out last night, met Marcus Samuelsson and got a taste of Harlem nightlife.) Though those first 5 minutes of my workout required a couple of prayers, after that I was ROLLIN’. I was tempted to keep at it after the 20 minute program and cool down, too. I’m thinking about a gym membership and how cool it’ll be if I tighten up like the lady in the pic! But literally the second that my machine stopped, moms called to ask what was up with the show today. It was at that momment that I realized I probably didn’t clearly communicated to my Prayer Posse that I was taking a vacation from the show.

Afterall, not everyone scopes my facebook page to find out what’s going on with me. And surely everyone doesn’t read my blog posts all the way down the to P.S. section (see my  7 Tips for A Super Successful Summer post.) Perhaps if I wasn’t busting my tail at the clinic working truncated hours in order to accomodate Tmor’s comedy show on Tuesday and then two events in the city last night… I would’ve sent out clear notices, emails and tweets about my summer vacation from the show. There’s also the fact that there’s been no phone, internet or network capabilities at the clinic all week. FYI, that’s been VERY interesting in and of itself. Like, blog worthy.

I’m taking a little vacation from the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show. I’ve got some things to work on during MY 4th Quarter, including lots of daily acts of self-love. I’ll share more as things start to crystalize. Right now, though, I’m gonna keep quiet about what’s on deck this Summer. When the time is right, you can trust that I’ll share. Meanwhile, I’m wishing everyone a truly great day of love, peace, happiness, abundant good and fitness, too. #TeamFit 🙂

7 Tips for A Super Successful Summer

7 Steps for A Super Successful Summer

Being a Virgo with a September birthday, for me, the Summer is my personal 4th Quarter. It’s the time of year when I’m very mindful of how I’m BEing the fullness of success in each area of my life. I’m considering the intentions and goals I set for my new year last September. It’s also a great time to ramp up my inputs (how I feed my mind and soul) as well as my outputs (the efforts I make towards the fulfillment of my goals).

Plus, the Summer months of June, July and August in numerology vibrate with the energy of 6 (Success), 7 (Creation) and 8 (Prosperity).  Nice, right? Are you wondering what all of this has to do with YOU? Well, this Summer could be YOUR Super Successful Summer!

I’ve got 7 summer success tips to share with you…

1)      Make a conscious commitment to your success in ALL areas of your life! Like a marriage vow, make a covenant for success. Become wedded to the idea that success is the ONLY option!

2)      Activate your prayer power daily! Remind yourself daily of all that you are and are becoming. Rally your faith in that amazing Presence, Power and Wisdom most popularly known as God.

3)      Fast and eliminate the non-essentials! Time killers, mood drainers, energy zappers, drama, BS, fear, anxiety, stress and strain are just a few non-essentials that you can certainly do without. Anything and anyone that doesn’t add value to you and your life, including those lil things that you do and know good and well are sabotaging your success… let it go. Knock it off. Stop it!

4)      Set specific intentions and tasks that you’re gonna undertake THIS Summer… NOW! When you have crystal clear intentions, you can plan and prepare for their fulfillment. You’re conscious, open and ready to receive. You know what you want and you can go after it. You know who you are becoming and choose to BE it! Seriously, let your great expectations become your great experiences!

5)      Rally supportive others and resources. Consider the kinds of support and resources that can serve you right now. Is it financial capital, counsel, validation, accountability or something else? Remember, your support system can serve numerous purposes. Also, collectively we are always MUCH more powerful than we can ever be individually.

6)      Make self-care a priority! Self-care really is one of the great secrets to success. This includes meditation, study, rest, release and a host of other things. Check out my post “12 Daily Acts of Self-Love” for some ideas. Also, my book Only GOD has some wonderful prayers, contemplations and insights about life, healing and living in spiritual perspective. I’m also a huge advocate for spiritual education and psychotherapy. Why not go all out in nurturing yourself and your soul journey? Invest in your personal growth and healing!

7)      Go.Be.Do.  Take action… focused and effective action! Yes, you can do it! I believe in you! I also believe in the Presence, Power and Wisdom of God acting through you and for you. Well, go on ahead and BE about it!

Cheers to your super successful and soul satisfying summer! Do share your success stories, too. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Peace, Love and Blessings.

P.S.  Following the example of one of the great spiritual teachers and ministers, Emmet Fox, I’ll be taking a summer vacation from the Living In Spiritual Perspective Show. Do check out the “7 Tips for A Super Successful Summer” episode now playing  at  Go! Be! Do!

A Night of Comic Diversity

Going to Comic Diversity last night in the City was a GREAT idea! My lil cheeks are still hurting from all that laughing! Since I already did as much of a reprise of my favorite jokes as I could recall last night for one of my aces… I will not be posting any of the jokes on here. But, you’re all welcome to check out the Comic Diversity youtube channel and website to get your very own funny fix.

Meanwhile, with all this working I’ve been doing, going to Comic Diversity was a nice and timely healing experience for me. Oh yes! Laughter heals! Plus I got to see and support some great folks. I also got to link up with a wonderful woman who has inspired me AND has agreed to be interviewed for the blog! A revelation for me was how much I can do after work if I leave at 5pm instead of 9pm. There’s like all kinds of things I can get into! I went home to grab a jacket, drove to the city, found the perfect parking space, did my nails in the car (a gorgeous purple color, in case you’re curious), rode the subway downtown, casually walked across town to the comedy club, had dinner and great convo with Denise followed by a comedy show, all before 9:30 pm! Yep! I see a shift in my schedule coming real soon.

I’m going into the city again later this week to see some of my colleagues and super cool peeps over at the Mount Sinai AHC who I haven’t seen in forever. Also going out afterwards to another comedy event. Working late nights is cool, maybe 1 or even two days per week. But if getting to the clinic earlier translates into getting out of the clinic earlier, this gal is gonna be in, about it and then out. I keep hearing this phrase in my head as I’m typing this: In and out. This could be my new mantra for when I’m at the clinic. Cuz I’ve got other really good shit to do! Work, sure. I’m almost always working, especially when I come home from “work.” But this girl’s gotta have fun, too!

Do you like comedy and/or go out to live comedy events? Have you felt that there was healing in all of that laughter? What are some of the ways you balance working on achieving your career goals while having fun, too?

What’s on your “TO BE” List today?

What's On Your TO BE List?

Yesterday I got to thinking about how many souls probably start their days with a “To Do” List while I typically start my day with prayer, meditation and a “To BE” List. It’s a process that allows me to stay focused on what’s important: my ever evolving and exciting relationship with God, living in spiritual perspective and fulfilling my life’s purpose as I grow and enjoy all that life has to offer.

I decided to share my morning process and “To BE” List practice on my facebook and twitter accounts because shifting into this way of being has allowed great peace and guidance to flood my life. I also believe that sharing is caring. Perhaps if others have an opportunity to consider their intentions around BEing (one of the 12 Daily Acts of Self-Love) they, too, can experience a great shift in their lives as well.

It should be no surprise that today’s episode of the Living In Spiritual Perspective Show explored this topic and practice. In fact, my question to the members of the Healing Truth Center Online Community today is “What’s on your ‘To BE’ List today?” Last night and this morning I was feeling pretty exhausted. I was even tempted to pull back with the show, as it does require a lot of me in addition to my full-time gig, all that I’ve been doing behind the scenes to get myself better educated about entrepreneurship, business management and personal finances, while taking on new cases for my private practice. However, starting my day with prayer, meditation and then my “To BE” List, the inspiration, energy and motivation for my “To Do” List kicked in at full throttle.

Since I get a little more personal here on my blog than on the show, I can share here what’s on my “To BE” List at this time. I, Shawna Marie, choose to be:

  • love, loving and loved,
  • happy, joyful and joy-filled,
  • healthy… committed to my wellness in all aspects of my life,
  • wealthy… enjoying the ever-present abundance of God’s good,
  • fearless, faith-filled and confident,
  • me – fully present and expressed,
  • honest and grounded in my integrity,
  • a source of inspiration to others,
  • informed and educated,
  • empowered and empowering, and
  • successful in all that I’m inspired to do and be.

Most importantly, I choose to be the absolute best version of me that I can be. Yes, that requires effort. And yes, my “To Do” List is long. Because my “To BE” list inspires me, I can enjoy moving into the action part of BEing with specific tasks. Ya know, that “Know.Be.Do” stuff I’m always talking about. 🙂

What about you? Can you see the benefit of having a “To BE” List? If so, what’s on your “To BE” List today? Did you watch the Living In Spiritual Perspective Show today at (It’s still playing throughout the day, so do check it out.) 

12 Daily Acts of Self Love

Shawna Marie's 12 Daily Acts of Self-Love

There are times when a really great idea, maybe even a series of ideas just come flooding through. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night that the Divine Download comes through, it is not lost on me that my job is to share it with others. At about 2 am on Friday morning, I received the download about the 12 Daily Acts of Self-Love. After sitting quietly letting the ideas marinate, I quickly jotted down some notes so as not to forget them and went back to bed. Then at 7am I was sharing those ideas with the world on the Living In Spiritual Perspective Show.  Now that I’ve had some time to let these ideas marinate in my mind without the deadline of a live show, I want to share these ideas right here on my blog.

Act #1: Salutations to the Divine – acknowledge and affirm your God-self, all that is good in, as, for and through you as well as your life potential.

Act #2: Soul Food – feed your souls with meditation, engaging in Divine Intercourse with your mind, heart and soul.

Act #3: Feed Your Mind – educate and empower yourself in each of the core areas of life: health, career, relationships, finances and spirituality. (At least one area per day is worthy of your time and energy.)

Act #4: Guard Your Mind – fast and release ideas, gossip, stress, struggle, strain… anything and anyone who does not life you up. Part of staying fresh and vital is continually releasing that which doesn’t serve you, including ideas, people, practices and experiences.

Act #5: Temple Love Cleansing – the church that you attend 24/7 of every day is your body temple. Keep it clean and fresh! While you’re in the shower or tub, know that the healing qualities of the water are blessing you, relaxing you and anointing you.

Act #6: Temple Love Caring & Caressing – loving and caring for your body includes caress. Putting on lotion from head to toe is a wonderful way to caress your entire body. You can also hug yourself and rub your hands along your entire body acknowledging that it’s “ALL God!”

Act #7: Temple Love Dressing – dress and adorn your temple as the God/Goddess that you are. Dress your best for YOU! (And no body else but you.)

Act #8: Temple Love Fitness – physical fitness is a form of self-care and love. Exercising and stretching daily is the minimum. Certainly you love yourself enough to do a lil something-something with that God-body of yours.

Act #9: Temple Love Nurturing – healthy and nutritious eating is an excellent way to love yourself on a daily basis. Anything less is really self-harming behavior.

Act #10: Temple Love Libations – lots of water and healthy liquids are great for your temple.

Act #11: BE Authentic – honor your heart, ideas and integrity by showing up 100% as authentically YOU all day every day.

Act #12: BE Fully Expressed – Be it. Feel it. Say it. Do it. Why hold back any of your Godness. Seriously, why?

This is a summary of the 12 Daily Acts from Friday’s revelation. I would add bonus acts of self-love to include 1) taking steps to ensure and maintain your financial freedom, 2) rest and relaxation as well as 3) release (especially mentally and emotionally). The more I think about the idea of acts of self-love, the more ideas I have about it. Hence, we’re technically up to 15. lol.

Tell me, what are your thoughts about these 12 Daily Acts of Self-Love? Do you do some or all of these things every day? If so, how would you say you’re doing with self-love? If not, which ones may you consider adding to your daily routine? Do you have additional acts that you would suggest for this list?