Promotion with a Purpose

Journey of An Urban Mystic Blog by Shawna Marie: Buy Only God

Having the support of my family and friends, especially since venturing into this new phase of my career as an author, has been just priceless. Jumping on facebook a few moments ago I noticed that my mother tagged me in her status update where she’d posted a prayer from my book Only GodThe prayer is from a message that I’d written called Charge The Ethers.

“The very energy and substance around me is God. I have the ability to charge this energy, this Divine Substance with my thoughts and my emotions. I choose to charge all the energy within me with Light, radiating Light, pure Christ Light and pure Christ Love. I charge the very ethers around me with ideas of Good, Health, Love, Success and Prosperity. I charge and recharge myself daily with ideas of bountiful blessings, expansion, growth and the good of all. I charge and recharge myself with only that which is good, that which is true, that which is honest, that which is just, that which is pure, that which is lovely and that which is of good report.” 

It is a wonderful prayer, isn’t it? Seeing it on Mom’s facebook page and then reading it silently reminded me of what pushed me to publish Only God in the first place. Here I was receiving these wonderful prayers, ideas and revelations while on my very own path of spiritual discovery and healing and I just felt compelled to share. Initially I emailed the messages that came to me and watched that email list grow organically to over 300 people without me ever promoting it. But the readers of my emails asked me to publish the messages. Year after year I heard “when are you going to put your messages into a book?”

Now that Only God is finally done and available, I’m realizing that I HAVE to promote it, and with good reason. During the years that book was chilling in my laptop, a collection of messages with no structure or order, I had to read and re-read them until an order and structure evolved. Every time I read the messages I felt really good! No matter what was going on in my life or where I was mentally, emotionally or financially, I always felt even better and grounded reading those messages. It occurred to me that I was being selfish keeping them to myself. I started to think about how many souls would benefit from reading these messages! At a certain point I realized it was my duty to complete and distribute this book ASAP.

Whatever holdouts I’ve HAD about promoting it are superseded by the purpose I HAVE to promote it: This book will change people’s lives for the better! It’s inspiring. It’s empowering. It addresses one of the biggest lies I believe has ever been told about a presence or power for so-called “evil.” It provides an understanding about God as the one and only Presence, Power and Wisdom. It offers methods for prayer and meditation. It encourages spiritual freedom and individual spiritual pathways. It’s full of lots of great prayers and affirmations. It gives a context for the challenges that we may have to grow through in life, including the transitions of those we love. It reveals how a maga likkle black girl born of teen parents, who’s grown through PLENTY of S.H.I.T. (Spiritual Healing Illumination Tasks) came to know God for herself, be the vessel for these messages and embrace her path as a spiritual healer and teacher.

That being said, WHAT are you waiting for? Get this book NOW! Here’s the link to buy Only God: Trust, you want to read this book and keep it close by so you can refer to it often. I do. And, apparently my mom does, too. 🙂